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NX CAD : performance (still) unknown

Outside our borders, when we ask designers what C.A.O. they use, NX is often cited first.

Finally find out why here and now, but above all, supported by the SmartMeca community!

Based on the C.A.O. Parasolid, owned by Siemens used by more than 170 software from our competitors and with more than 3.5 million licenses installed worldwide, NX CAD simply allows you to go faster in the development of your products. Here, according to the SmartMeca team, some of its major assets:

  • Moteur Parasolid Up-to-Date
  • Patented Siemens Synchronous Technology
  • Continuous Release
  • Convergent Modeling : the alliance of exact CAD and faceted models
  • Adaptive graphical interface by Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  • Compatibility between versions
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • PCB Exchange
  • NX on the Cloud
  • Virtual reality
  • Rendering

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Additive Manufacturing

Tracteur CAO

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