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Correlation Test / Simulation

Towards a finally robust digital twin

At SmartMeca, we believe that the most important source of value to advance Engineering in the industry lies in the combination of virtual tests and real tests.

Our team supports you in the implementation of the two essentials techniques to really advance your engineering.

EikoTwin (DIC and Digital Twin) is software for both the study office  / calculation and for the test laboratory .

It is also one of its hidden virtues, because it brings teams together around a common tool, thus promoting exchanges!

EikoTwin measures the displacement of the nodes of your simulation mesh directly on your real part under load, allowing you to directly compare your tests and your simulations.

In static or dynamic (crack propagation, shocks with fast cameras, ...), you use image processing to ensure that your models are faithful to your physical tests.

Digital Image Correlation (D.I.C.)


Simcenter 3D FE Model Correlation

Simcenter 3D FE Model Correlation and Simcenter 3D FE Model Update allow you to ensure a good correlation between your simulations and your dynamic tests, by updating your digital models.

Fully integrated in the Simcenter Engineering Desktop pre / post processor, you import your test results (Simcenter Testlab for example) to superimpose them directly on your finite element results.


Simcenter 3D FE Model Update

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