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Structural mechanics

Pre /post processors and solvers

The Siemens suite brings together the historic Nastran and Samcef solvers in a single portfolio: the Simcenter range


In all sectors of activity, the products and even the materials that compose them are increasingly complex.

Simulating the mechanical behavior of your components and assemblies is now essential for a design that is both robust and optimized.

In static as in dynamic, linear or non-linear, the Simcenter Nastran and Simcenter Samcef solvers have been tested for decades by the largest companies in all industrial sectors. Voici quelques-unes de leurs fonctionnalités :

  • Linear statics (with or without contact)
  • Nonlinear statics (large displacements, large deformations, plasticity, constitutive laws, ...)
  • Isotropic, anisotropic, composite, hyperelastic, linear and non-linear materials
  • Linear and non-linear buckling
  • Linear and non-linear transient dynamics
  • Frequency dynamics (sine sweep)
  • Random dynamics
  • Dynamics in spectral response (shocks, earthquake)
  • Rotor dynamics
  • Thermal and thermomechanical
  • Optimization
  • Acoustic
  • Mechanical failure

Simcenter Nastran and Samcef

Simcenter Engineering Desktop et Femap

The SmartMeca team is involved in the use, support, training and development of Simcenter Engineering Desktop since NX5 in 2007.

Femap side, it is more than 20 years of history that we agglomerate in particular through our company Nesys Engineering, today completely integrated in SmartMeca Solutions, and before that within the company Atria Solutions since Femap v5 in 1998.

Support, training, developments, we bring our experience directly to our customers but also through the publisher Siemens Digital Industries Software and its distributors.

Whether you are only a finite element calculation engineer or globally involved in product engineering, Siemens pre / post-processors offer you a user-friendliness and a productivity often unknown today ... and yet unequaled!

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