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Design exploration and optimization

Simcenter HEEDS

Here is very probably the graph of the decade with regard to numerical simulation:

Simcenter HEEDS couples all of your engineering softwares regardless of the publisher to allow you to explore designs that meet all of your requests and criteria. Here, according to the SmartMeca team, some of its major assets:

  • Ease of use (between 1 and 2 days of training as needed)
  • Multi software coupling: CAD / Simulation / Tests / Excel / Matlab / Finance / CAPE / ...
  • Robustness of optimization algorithms (Sherpa algorithm)
  • Available on our Rescale ScaleX platform
  • Possibility to integrate your own internal tools

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Simcenter HEEDS

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At SmartMeca, we believe that digital simulation takes on its full value when used to explore design possibilities.

Some examples of available native interfaces:

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