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Additive Manufacturing

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Here is what we have heard regularly in recent years in our industrial environment. And it's true, "3D printing" as it is sometimes called completely reshuffles the cards from product development to manufacturing, but also throughout its life cycle (fatigue for example)!

In order to support our customers in this mini industrial revolution, SmartMeca invested in its first 3D printer in 2016, and our test machines have been characterizing parts continuously since the start of 2018.


Today, in Conception, in Simulation or in Tests, we support you on this path!

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NX & Simcenter Additive Manufacturing

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Conception and Simulation :

NX & Simcenter Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing reshapes everything

Here, according to the SmartMeca team, some of the major advantages of the solution:

  • Integrated topological optimization
  • Patented Siemens Synchronous Technology
  • Convergent modeling, to easily rework the optimized geometries
  • Plastic and metal parts
  • Multi-technologies of Additive Manufacturing supported
  • Automatic support creation
  • Easy management of lattice structures

The right piece, from the first impression

Essais : Eikotwin DIC for Additive Manufacturing

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89/5000The NX / Simcenter Additive Manufacturing tandem process is presented below:

MTS Additive

Our test laboratory assists you in the characterization of your 3D printed parts.

  • Development of test procedures
  • Machine programming (Templates)
  • Static and dynamic
  • Thermal enclosure
  • Digital Image Correlation with EikoTwin DIC


Eprouvette DIC

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