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Systems Simulation

Simcenter Amesim : 0D / 1D modeling Systems engineering for all

The 0D / 1D simulation is less known today than the 3D simulation, in particular the finite element method.

At SmartMeca, we believe that with the complexity of systems growing more quickly. , it is by combining the two approaches that simulation will take on its full meaning in product development.

Thinking system simulation will allow you to optimize its operation in a global way, by considering all the physics involved, notably by studying its energy consumption!

Simcenter Amesim allows you to simulate the behavior of your complete mechatronic system by assembling its components.

These are described using validated analytical models available in different libraries which represent their real behavior (hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, mechanical, ...).

 Here, according to the SmartMeca team, some of its major assets:

  • User-friendliness and ease of use
  • Couplings with other products in the Simcenter range (STAR-CCM + and Testlab in particular)
  • Robustness of resolution algorithms
  • Comprehensive libraries
  • Possibility to develop your own components
  • No "black box" effect thanks to exceptional documentation
  • Direct import of 3D CAD for recovery of geometric characteristics

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