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HPC in the cloud for everyone

With the advent of Simulation Driven Design and design exploration, the need for computer resources for simulation is increasing sharply for our customers.

It is in this context that SmartMeca chose the rescale solution, world leader in High Performance Computing (HPC) in the field of digital simulation in engineering, to offer our customers a robust and very flexible solution in Cloud Computing.

Rescale 600x400

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HPC in the Cloud

Are you a customer of simulation solutions? The rescale offer by SmartMeca is here to help you accelerate!

Whatever editor you have decided to work with, we have a solution for you.

Indeed, on the ScaleX by rescale platform, your software is already installed. All that's left for the online computing clusters to do is point to your license to open up a world of infinite performance, and thus really exploit simulation to explore design possibilities and thus ... innovate!

Here are some rescale partner editors whose software is pre-installed and therefore already available on the platform:

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Rescale 600x400

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